Clear Braces

What are Radiance or Clear braces?

Radiance brackets are:

  • Invisible - Unlike any other braces on the market, Radiance braces are invisible! You'll feel confident smiling even during your orthodontic treatment.
  • Comfortable - Radiance braces are cut from pure crystal sapphire, and then heat polished until they are completely smooth. The braces are so smooth, you won't need to worry about the edges irritating your mouth like traditional braces can.
  • Stain-Free - Your Radiance braces are stain-free! The brackets' highly polished surface works as a barrier to protect your teeth from staining and discoloration throughout your entire treatment, so that your smile stays bright from start to finish.
  • Strong and Effective - Radiance braces are designed to be the strongest brackets available. Being cut from crystal and treated with heat until smooth ensures a solid bracket that is remarkably strong, and less likely to crack or break.

Why should I choose Radiance braces for my orthodontic treatment?

There are many reasons why you should consider Radiance braces for your orthodontic treatment.

  • You want a straighter, healthier smile, but without all the noticeable wires and brackets of traditional metal braces. Radiance brackets give our patients the smile they've always wanted with clear, polished brackets that are virtually invisible!
  • Radiance brackets provide the highest level of comfort. Traditional metal braces can sometimes cause minor discomfort to the patient, but Radiance brackets are extremely smooth, making them more comfortable and less likely to cause irritation.
  • Radiance is confidence! You don't have to wait until your treatment is complete to share your beautiful smile! With Radiance brackets, you can smile with confidence throughout your entire treatment.
  • Great for patients of all ages!

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