Silver Braces

Silver 'Mini' Braces

Our office uses American Orthodontics Masters Series "Mini" siver braces.  The small size of the brace or bracket provides a more comfortable experience for the patient.  These braces are much smaller and smoother than traditional braces and are made of high-grade stainless steel. Archwires are placed within the metal braces to progressively straighten and move your teeth.  The archwires provide light forces to maximize patient comfort. With metal braces, you have the option of adding colored elastics for a more fun and colorful smile.

With braces, regular adjustments are necessary to ensure your treatment progresses in a controlled and efficent manner.  Adjustment appointments are normally scheduled every 6-8 weeks and range in time from 15-30 minutes depending on the procedure involved.  If one of your braces comes off during treatment, it is important that you contact our office to schedule an appointment to have it repaired so your treatment stays on track.